WELCOME TO Q108 KINGSTON'S LOCAL MUSIC page where you can tune in and hear ONLY local artists from Kingston & surrounding areas (see map below).
The idea for this is simple: give local artists a chance to strut their stuff to the rest of Canada and across the globe. Most of the artists you will  hear are also playing on our main station on Q108 Kingston. However,  this is designed purely to give them more exposure as well as for listeners and other artists to check out all the great artists from the area. By doing so, it will hopefully help bring more people out to gigs at local venues as well as help sell more cd's/albums. Tune in now and help support local music. 
                          ARTISTS: Submit your music today. Click on the 'SUBMIT' icon below .


ARTISTS: Submit your music today. Click on the icon below for submission guidelines and submit forms (forms for new artists only - no need to resend if previously submitted).

Only artists from area above will be covered. 

Your local Live Music Event listings in Kingston & area!

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It's amazing how blind you can be to what's in your own back yard. I spent my entire life listening to the radio, hearing the songs from well known bands from across the world. Hearing the songs the radio told me to hear. Only the big name bands got the recognition. Well, I've opened my ears and discovered  there's an amazing wealth of talent sitting out there in that backyard. It's the same no matter where you live on this mortal coil.​​​​
I encourage you to  get out and support these hard working artists and trust me, you'll be glad you did. And if you can't get out, then tune in now. I'll show you what great music awaits you in your backyards.